Thursday, March 15, 2012

YA Romance Quiz

Bored and not wanting to study for my midterm tomorrow, I decided to make a little YA Romance Quiz for you guys to enjoy.

They are mostly general questions that you should get if you have read the book. I don't usually name the book, but I tried to make the questions specific enough that it could only apply to one book. Also, understand that I could ask questions about book I've read and remember well, so the selection is limited and kind of skewed. I also included a view random facts about a few authors that you would easily know if you follow them online.

The questions are just below and the answers are below them, in white type, which you just need highlight to see. Leave your scores in the comments so we can see who's the most awesome.

1. Who is "you" in the phrase "you, yes, you"?
Jessica Darling

2. When did Etienne start having feelings for Anna?
First day in physics class

3. Who is "the guy who hates it when they put corn in the chili"?

4. Who loses the Pants?

5. Why does Hermoine kiss Ron?
Because he wants to save the house elves

6. Who bought Adam's guitar?

7. What gang does Alex quit so he can be with Brittany?
The Latino Blood

8. Are Katherine and Michael Forever?

9. What shape is the necklace Michael gave Mia?

10. Why is Tommy Sullivan a freak?
Because he ratted out the football team

11. Which Truth question does Wes refuse to answer?
"What would you do, if you could do anything?"

12. Who narrates Midnight Sun?

13. Which couple is not in the books: Chair, Nair, or Sate?

14. How to Deal is a combination of which two books?
That Summer and Someone Like You

15. Name the number of books in the series (excluding novellas):

-Princess Diaries: 10
-Jessica Darling: 5
-Ruby Oliver: 4
-Hunger Games: 3
-Harry Potter: 7
-Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: 5
-Twilight: 4
-Perfect Chemistry: 3
-Mediator: 6
-Dairy Queen: 3

16. Who calls Hazel "Hazel Grace"?
Augustus Waters

17. How did Alaska get her name?
She named herself

18. Who does Belly ultimately choose?

19. Does it have a sequel: Yes/No

-Paper Towns: No
-If I Stay: Yes
-All American Girl: Yes
-This Lullaby: No
-When It Happens: No
-Avalon High: No
-Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes: Yes
-Thirteen Reasons Why: No
-Twenty Boy Summer: No
-Leaving Paradise: Yes
-Divergent: Yes
-Sean Griswold's Head: No

20. What is the first name of Jordan's best friend Henry?

21. Why is Brian ashamed of DJ?
Because she isn't popular

22. Name the co-authors:

-Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist: Rachel Cohn/David Levithan
-Will Grayson, Will Grayson: David Levithan/John Green
-Let It Snow: John Green/Maureen Johnson/Lauren Myracle
-The Future of Us: Carolyn Mackler/Jay Asher
-Bass Ackwards and Belly Up: Elizabeth Craft/Sarah Fain

23. What does DFTBA stand for?
Don't forget to be awesome

24. What is Meg Cabot's cat's name?

25. What item of Matt’s does Frankie ultimately give Anna?
Sea glass necklae

26. What colour is the streak in Stephanie Perkins hair?

27. Why does Stephenie Meyer spell her name with the third "e" instead of a typical "a"?
Her dad's name is Stephen--with an "e"

28. Movie Adaptations: Yes/No

-Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Yes
-Looking for Alaska: No
-Princess in the Spotlight: No
-Eclipse: Yes
-Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants: Yes
-The Truth About Forever: No

29. What song does Remy hate?
This Lullaby

30. What song does Penny Bloom hate?
Penny Lane

31. Things in common:

-Audrey, Wait!, Princess Diaries, Second Helpings: boy writes/performs song for girl
-Girls Don't Fly, The Nature of Jade: animals
-Logan from Awkward, Josh from Bittersweet: Hockey players

32. What is the name of the first song Michael writes for Mia?
"Tall Drink of Water"

33. What is Tibby's daughter's name?

34. What superpowers do the following people have?
-April: seeing the future
-May: invisibility
-June: mind reading

35. What superpowers do the following people have?
-Edward: mind reading
-Alice: seeing the future
-Bella: the protection shield
-Jasper: mood control

36. Name the character's university:

-Mia, Princess Diaries: Sarah Lawrence
-Mia, If I Stay: Juilliard
-Remy, This Lullaby: Stanford
-Jessica, Jessica Darling: Columbia
-Lena, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: RISD
-Becca, Bass Ackwards and Belly Up: Middlebury
-Jordan, Catching Jordan: Michigan State

37. How many children do Luis and Nikki have?
3 (triplets)

38. I name the character, you name the book:

-Cricket Bell: Lola and the Boy Next Door 
-Mackenzie Wellesley: Awkward
-Marcus Flutie: Jessica Darling
-Tuesday Leigh Nolan: Psych Major Syndrome 

39. On the day Hadley is going to her father's wedding, where is Oliver going? 
His father's funeral

40. What does Cricket draw on his hand to represent Lola?
A star


  1. Holy smokes! You put together a 40 question quiz AND studying for midterms! We share a lot of the same book-likes, so I have to get to the questions.

    Just about your last post: romance can suck. And especially when things are rough, seeing fake love on screen and in media, well that does not help. (But romance can be great as as well, so it's nice to see you do this YA romance quiz!). Sorry that you're going through a shitty time with things, and know that you can vent and/or wallow anytime.


  2. These questions are really effective and knowledge full. I like these. Keep it on with this type of post.


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